Paranormal Investigations

We are often asked if our museum is haunted and the answer is yes, yes it is.  Often times our employees experience strange happenings in the museum such as hearing footsteps when no one else is here, doors opening and closing, voices, and even seeing apparitions.  From time to time they will experience objects being moved or even unplugged.  The information below will tell you how you can try to have these experiences for yourself.

Private Investigations

We allow paranormal teams to investigate the museum on Saturday nights (schedule permitting) throughout the year. The price is $300 for up to 8 people and an additional $25 per person up to 15 people max.  A deposit of $150 is required to confirm your reservation and the remaining balance is due the day before your investigation.  You must bring your own equipment. Hours are 7pm-midnight. To confirm availability contact Tracy at

Public Investigations

From time to time we offer public investigations on select Friday nights during the year.  A paranormal team will guide you through the museum to investigate.  Reservations are required in advance.  We will post these dates on our Facebook page, with a link for tickets, as we set them up.  Tickets for these public ghost tours go fast so don't hesitate!  Feel free to bring your own equipment.  Hours are 7pm-11pm.

Paranormal Events

If your team is interested in having a paranormal event at the museum please contact Tracy at for further information.